Lead Poisoning Education and Assistance

Finding out that your child has elevated lead levels in their blood can be overwhelming. 

Public Health – Muskegon County is here to partner with you through this challenging time by offering Elevated Blood Lead Nursing Case Management (EBL NCM) to children with venous lead levels greater than 5 µg/dL.

What does this mean?

You will have someone to help you with several different activities designed to educate families about the dangers of lead poisoning and to connect families with support services. We are committed to;

  • Learning about your child and family’s needs by conducting in-home nursing and development assessments;
  • Providing the family information about sources of child’s lead exposure and steps to minimize future exposure;
  • Helping develop a plan of care to reduce the child’s blood lead level;
  • Coordinating an environmental investigation of the family’s home;
  • Providing referrals for services, including home lead abatement services for eligible families;
  • Educating the family to ensure follow-up testing until blood lead level is less than 5 µg/dL;
  • Swab testing to detect lead paint;
  • Providing information, training, and coaching on lead safe cleaning methods;
  • Supplying lead safe cleaning supplies/equipment;
  • Lending HEPA vacuum;
  • Creating temporary barriers to possible lead hazards (e.g. window sills, areas of deteriorating paint);
  • Assisting with application to the Michigan Lead Safe Home Program